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"The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. No one can measure the depths of his understanding." ~ Isaiah 40:28



Health Tips
Play Hard, Train Hard

When you have goals, I think it's important to prepare yourself to meet them.

For me, as an athlete, I have goals to be the best surfer that I have the potential to be. Part of the way I prepare to meet those goals is by training physically.

I work with surf coaches, and definitely spend a lot of time practicing & training in the water, but I also do quite a bit of cross-training.

Working with Dustin Dillberg from Pain Free Kauai and Dillberg Integrated Healthcare, I have been educated about healthy living & eating, improved my spinal alignment, and strengthened my physique. Through the workout program that Dustin custom-designed for me, my surfing has improved.

We created a 2-Part Series of videos, which will be posted on my YouTube account, and can be found on my website as well. The videos show a typical workout routine that Dustin designed for me, using the TRX. WATCH A TEASER...



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This month I became an Aunty! I'm so glad my brother Noah and my sis in law Becky had a beautiful baby girl. Her name in Nanea (nah ne ah). Being an Aunty is one of the best thing ever! I must say, I'm excited to watch Nanea grow up and to be her Aunty(: Everything else seems minute in comparison!

The Soul Surfer DVD/Blu-Ray released early August, which was exciting! I did some promotions for that earlier in the month. Soul Surfer was nominated at a couple awards, the ESPY awards and Teen Choice Awards. I attended both award shows. Even though Soul Surfer didn't win, it was a blast to be apart of!

I also attended the VH1 Do Something Awards! That was an awesome opportunity! It was honoring great organizations and applauding people trying to make a difference in the world! It was an honor to be nominated in the "Do Something Athlete" category. David Beckam won; he has an organization called the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust. It supports other charities like UNICEF, and provides wheelchairs to children in need. He is a really nice guy. He came up to me before the awards started and said hi. I had no clue who he was, but my friend informed me after (haha)! I also met Justin Beiber at the Do Something's and boy was I excited! He's a sweet heart.

Near the end of this month I spoke at Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. It went really great and the Texans took good care of me and my brother Timmy! Before we left Texas, we accomplished one of my "To-do before I go to heaven" wishes. We went shooting! We shot pistols at the Dallas Pistol Club. It was fun! It felt odd holding a real gun, and my aim was okay.

Finally I finished off the month in California for a commercial shoot promoting Healthy Choice. It was the biggest shoot I've ever done! I think I pulled it off, but it was really awkward eating in front of the camera, hahaha!

Now I'm home for a bit, resting, recovering from all this travel, and planning the rest of the year... And of course I'm surfing!

Love, Bethany

  SOUL SURFER - Now on DVD & Blu-ray™!

In stores everywhere DVD's are Sold, including: WalMart,, Kroger, Safeway, Target, Costco, Best Buy, Sam's Club, Family Christian and Lifeway Stores.

August 22, 2011 • Christian Newswire
Soul Surfer DVD Release Brings Wave of Faith-Building Resources for Individuals, Groups. Read More...


Cross-Training Workout Session, Part 1
Check out Part 1 of Bethany's workout session with Dustin Dillberg using the TRX! WATCH NOW

*Part 2 is also available on Bethany's website & YouTube



Sept 1-5, 2011 • Surf Trip
A short photo/video trip with my friends Carissa Moore & Koa Smith.

Sept 11-12, 2011 • New York Trip
The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund's annual charity day in rememberance of 9/11 will raise funds for Friends of Bethany, Wounded Warriors, and other great organizations!
Bethany and AnnaSophia Robb will attend on behalf of FOBH.

Sept 23, 2011 • SOUL SURFER theatrical release in UK & IRELAND
Soul Surfer will be coming to theaters in the UK & Ireland on this date!
- International Release Dates & Info.
Disney Gala Film Release of Soul Surfer - article by Discover Bonduran.

Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2011 • +H2O Six Senses Water Wo/Men Event
Six Senses Laamu, Maldives
A unique fundraising event, watch promo video below.

Positive H20eBrochure


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August 24, 2011 • Success Stories: Bethany Hamilton and Never Giving Up
by Katie, Intern Like a Rock Star blog
"Soul surfer is a surf term referring to someone who surfs for the sheer joy of doing so. It's also the title of a recent movie about Bethany Hamilton, who seems to summarize the word perfectly. Bethany, though, is not just an example of the importance of passion, she also demonstrates the powers of strength, courage, perseverance, determination, and faith." - Read More...

August 20 & 21, 2011 • Appearance at FELLOWSHIP CHURCH
Grapevine, Dallas, Texas
Bethany spoke at the weekend services for a series they’re doing called “Shark Weak.” Fellowship Church is the 3rd or 4th largest church in America - Shark Weak

August 16, 2011 • DO SOMETHING AWARDS
Nominated for a Do Something award in the Athlete category, Bethany attended the award ceremony and also presented with Brittany Snow a performance. Bethany Hamilton Meets Justin Bieber at 'Do Something Awards'. Q&A Exclusive: Surfer Bethany Hamilton Talks Shark Attack, World-Wide Traveling, and Hollywood Hunks.

August 12 • Harvest Crusade
Bethany did a last minute, surprise appearance at the Harvest Crusade in Anaheim, California. Hamilton told the crowd about the traumatic shark attack she survived, when she was 13, that changed her life. Her story has since hit the big screen in the movie, “Soul Surfer.” “I saw the beauty in it and [God] turned the bad into good,” said Hamilton. Anaheim Harvest draws 115,000. WATCH FULL EVENT VIDEO.

August 7, 2011 • TEEN CHOICE AWARDS
Soul Surfer movie and actress AnnaSophia Robb were nominated for Choice Movie: Drama, and Choice Movie Actress: Drama. Bethany and AnnaSophia attended the award ceremony.

August 6, 2011 • Pipeline to a Cure
Huntington Beach, CA
This summer gala recognized the positive effect that surfing has on the health of children with Cystic Fibrosis. Bethany attended this event in support of those battling CF. Pipeline to a Cure

August 5, 2011 • 'Soul Surfer' hit cinemas in SOUTH AFRICA
Soul Surfer premiered in South Africa theaters - More Info.